1. Stay in tune with intermediate-term trend via internal indicators like the Supply Index and Advance decline line which help you assess the market’s major trend. 

  2. Keep up with the status of market timing and current narrative and analysis via the Context section. 

  3. Watch short-term internals and correction-over indicators which guide you to determine when the market trend is turning higher anew in conjunction with intermediate-term trend. Putting both market trends in your favor can significantly add to your investment gains by giving you the signal to increase your positions and go for it!

  4. Access to the stock list of top performing stocks on the way up and worst performing stocks on the way down so you always have the best trades on. Focus on these names to make HUGE profits!! 

  5. Understand the market narrative and policy relationships. Know when a shift occurs in the Macro Environment, and you should be exiting positions. Know when the market has room to run, and you should hold your positions for maximum gain.

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The Reedstrader Daily Commentary is the way in which we disseminate information daily in 3 key areas:    

  • Daily Internal Statistics 
    • We publish a Top-Down Review of Market Action including Market Internal Statistics that give leading views of the overall health and direction in the market. Included is our proprietary Supply Gauge Indicator that has captured every major top and bottom in the stock market since 1900. 
  • Context of Market Environment 
    • In this section, we interpret the Market Internals, price action and macro events to help you determine when the market is going through short to intermediate-term tops/bottoms. We guide you when to be on alert and reduce your positions and when it's safe to be aggressive in taking risk. 
  • Leading Sectors and Leading/Laggard Stocks 
    • In this section we show you: 
      • The top sectors in the market 
      • Strongest/weakest stocks that meet our Reedstrader criteria for slow reeds and mechanical strategies or for BB-gun strategy. 
      • Strongest stocks in the market that meet technical criteria but lack the fundamental filters of Reedstrader 
      • Technical patterns in several of these stocks that potentially outperform the Mechanical System itself 
      • Leadership Ratios tell us if the market leaders are confirming the general market move or are diverging (warning sign!) 

This is an institutional quality newsletter that would typically sell for $5k-$10k per year.