Reeds Mastermind Group

Work with Chuck Whitman, Mark Boucher, and qualified and committed traders to energize and sharpen your trading skills. 

  • Mastermind Groups are groups of people who come together to collectively achieve a similar objective – The Reeds Mastermind Group is designed to support students to help each other implement and become proficient in using Reeds Methods
  • Mastermind Groups accelerate learning curves through:
    • 12+ hours of continued education from the Mark Boucher and Chuck Whitman
    • Advice from Mark and Chuck along with the group to be able to solve specific REED$TRADER related problems
    • Hot Seat for individuals in each meeting to address specific problem sets
    • Psychological support from the group to achieve the goals
  • Reeds Mastermind Group will meet 2x month for 6-months.
  • All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing during the year for students who are unavailable for any session.
  • Homework will be provided periodically to help students with mastering the material. Homework is to be submitted to the group for feedback.
  • Prior to each Mastermind Meeting, members are asked to submit a prep form in which questions can be asked in advance of the session. If a student is unable to attend a session, he/she can provide questions in advance via the prep form and the question will be answered for that student during the session and can be reviewed via the recording.
  • Content for each session will be based on the judgement of Mark/Chuck as a combination of what the students need to learn/work on and feedback/ideas from students.
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6-month REED$TRADER Mastermind Group - $3,995 – limit 10 Students

  • Each prospective member will have to fill out an application and go through an interview process to gain admission to the group
  • 6-month Membership to REED$TRADER Mastermind Group
  • 12+ hours of continuing education instruction from Mark Boucher and Chuck Whitman
  • 6-Months of Chuck’s technical indicators ($299 value) in NinjaTrader (recommended) or TradeStation
  • 6-months of REED$TRADER Daily Commentary ($895 Value)
  • 6-months 1 year of PSL ($295 value)
  • 6-months of Monthly Reed’s Report ($595 Value)
  • Intro session with Mark or Chuck to gain clarity on trader’s objectives and give guidance on how to maximize the trader’s experience ($500 Value)

Offer expires April 30, 2020 at midnight CT. Interviews will need to be scheduled by that time.

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Example Lesson Plan & Session


Mastermind Group Session PDF Example

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