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Terms of Use: Your use of these educational materials indicates your acceptance of these disclaimers and agree that I am solely responsible for my trading results. I also agree that I will use the information learned in this class for my private use (personal or business) and are not to be taught, sold or marketed publicly without the express written consent of $harpeCoach LLC and Whitman Asset Management LLC.

In addition, you agree to hold harmless, Mark Boucher, Midas USA LLC, Zenophon Trading LLC, Charles Whitman, SharpeCoach LLC and Whitman Asset Management LLC, Dominic Boire, DGB Investing Inc, Van Tharp, International Institute of Trading Mastery Inc, Van Tharp Institute, personally and collectively for any losses of capital, if any, that may result from the use of the information.

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REED$TRADER Stock Market Timing Masterclass

By joining REED$TRADER Stock Market Timing Mastermind you will:

  • Learn how to either develop your own REED$TRADER Stock Market Timing Trading Plan or integrate REED$TRADER Stock Market Timing into your existing plan with support from Mark.  

  • Learn elite techniques taught in Mastermind group only and then focus on how to integrate these techniques into your trading

  • Learn how to build out and monitor your own Bull Market Top and Bear Market Bottom Checklists to know when the market is ripe for a major turn

  • Learn a totally new important internal indicator that often warns of tops and bottoms earlier than many others and how to integrate its messages into your trading style

  • Learn how to integrate Internal Indicators into your regular trading analysis framework to see when the market is making shifts ahead of price that will allow you be prepared to make huge profits on corrections and trend resumptions, and how knowing when corrections are over or imminent can hugely enhance the effectiveness of how to apply your trading strategies.

  • Learn how to use timing indicators to trade market indexes via ETF’s in an independent strategy that can smooth and improve your application and profitability of other reeds methods of trading.

  • Receive prebuilt chart lists in Stockchart.com to support your market timing analysis  

REED$TRADER Stock Market Timing Mastermind Group could be the most valuable money you ever spend. Imagine the applicability to your retirement accounts, savings and trading accounts. Forever going forward, you will have a strong sense of what the market is doing and be able to adjust your risk accordingly!!