For Traders Who Want To Follow A Systematic Framework To Build Long-Term Cash Flow, Wealth & Freedom…

Eliminate Costly Mistakes
And Knee-Crippling Doubt
So You Can Become
The Profitable Trader
Who Takes Decisive Action
—In The Slow REEDS Masterclass

The Slow REEDS Masterclass helps you eliminate costly mistakes, emotional decisions and overwhelm with a series of Masterclasses built on time-tested principles that’ll teach you how to outperform the market, amplify your equity curve
— and develop your own REEDS Trader plan. Guaranteed.


Most traders make costly mistakes that drain their profits, confidence and momentum.
Not anymore.

 Mistake #1: No Plan, No Principles
Most traders follow no plan, too many plans or one that hasn’t been built on proven principles. 

Mistake #2: Emotional Trading & FOMO
Without addressing your trading psychology, you’ll always lose the battle to your emotions.

Mistake #3: Relying On Cheap Tactics
More information is better, right? Not quite. A classic mistake traders make is consuming way too much information (especially from questionable sources.)

It’s why we built the Slow REEDS Masterclass.

Expert Training Is The Fastest Way To Get From Point A To Point B
—Without Guesswork Or Overwhelm.

There’s a current reality with your options trading.

We’ll call this Point A, where you’re starting from right now.

Deep down, you know you’re meant for more and have always wanted to generate income to bring your dreams to life, experience freedom and take care of your loved ones. 

But it hasn’t happened yet.  

And that’s okay —because it’s why you’re here. The simple fact is: 

Most traders fail because they’re not learning from someone who’s been there before. 

That’s why we created the Slow REEDS Masterclass —a custom-made training to guarantee you have everything you need to be a successful trader with a ridiculous amount of individual attention. 

Best of all, you’ll be surrounded by a group of successful individuals who are tired of missing out on the tremendous money being made in the stock market every single year. 

You can do it even if you have never invested before. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a job or business taking up your time. It’s the first quick step to making top-tier income every single day without worrying about superiors, clients, or customers.   

But this offer won’t last forever. And there may not be a ‘next’ time so don’t wait and take the first step toward unlocking the profitable life you’re dreamt of by enrolling today.

 Hear Directly From Our Students

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Introducing The Slow REEDS Masterclass —Designed To
Skyrocket Your Profits In The Least Amount Of Time.

The Slow REEDS Masterclass was built to help you create the most results in the least amount of time, including:

Eliminate Guesswork

Procrastination happens when you have no clarity on what steps to take, so you wind up hesitating and over-consuming information. In the Slow REEDS Masterclass you’ll know what to do, when to do it and how to do it with a proven model.

A Year’s Worth Of Progress

Experience one year’s worth of progress in only 6 sessions instead of ‘going it alone’ and wasting your time, money and energy. Every part of the Slow REEDS Masterclass is designed to help you put your success on autopilot.

Trade Profitability In Less Time

You don’t need to sacrifice your entire life to be a successful options trader. In fact, most of our successful students spend an average of just 5-10 hours per week using our tools, systems and blueprints that allows them to take leveraged action.

Overcome Roadblocks Instantly

Even the best plans come with unexpected challenges that can derail a successful trade. Instead of ‘trying’ to figure it out yourself, you'll have access to experts who help you transform roadblocks into opportunities.

Be Surrounded By A Players

You become who you hang around. Not everyone is going to understand your dreams to create financial and lifestyle freedom through trading. Which means if you don’t have a trusted support system, your chances of staying consistent are extremely low.

Done-For-You Tools

We give you the tools, support, and resources you need to succeed with your options trading. These are the same ones we use every single day to instantly evaluate trades, get in at the right time and understand market conditions.

$19,479 Of Value. Coaching. Elite Tools. One Mission —Your Results. 

✔ Create A Plan To Trade With The Precision An Elite Pro [$5,000 Value]
Eliminate guesswork and catapult yourself to the top 2% of traders as you learn the trading plan process and how to structure your rules, risk and execution.

✔ Identify Top Sectors To Outperform The Market [$999 Value]
Discover how to identify the top sectors that will outperform the Market to give you an unfair advantage in your trading using the REEDS method.

✔ Actionable Money Management Techniques  [$2,000 Value]
Discover time-tested Money Management Techniques to reflect your psychology and smooth or amplify your equity curve.

✔ Case Studies For Every Imaginable Situation [$7,500 Value]
Work through case studies of past market periods to understand how Slow REEDS trades act under different environments.

✔ Live Office Hours To Ask Us Anything [$1,500 Value]
Join myself and our team every week with unprecedented access to office hours so you can receive personalized and actionable guidance.

✔ Leverage Data To Analyze Your Trade Quality [$2,000 Value]
Learn a process for capturing data to analyze the quality of your trades to dramatically improve the quality of your trades. In the past, we’ve doubled the profitability of our students in 10 minutes!

✔ Historical PSL Long Lists  [$1,500 Value]
Get access to Historical PSL Long Lists (2009-Present) to do historical simulation and master the method without costly mistakes.

✔ Mastermind Group Sessions With A Players [$3,000 Value]
Mastermind Group Sessions with other highly motivated achievers like yourself with the same objectives of integrating the material into their own trading. 

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 Hear MORE From Our Students

Trusted by Traders Like You 


The Slow REEDS Masterclass is where we pull the curtain back on the entire REEDS system to give you the confidence of executing trades based on technical criteria.

Most importantly: you don’t have to waste all of your free time analyzing trades or wondering why you haven’t cracked the code.

Don’t wait and grab your seat inside the Slow REEDS Masterclass now.

To your long-term success,
Mark Boucher & Chuck Whitman 

P.S. Trying to learn these methods alone isn’t only stressful, it means you’re paying for mistakes with your hard-earned dollars.

Instead, during this Masterclass, you’ll get actionable guidance that you can start applying that very same day.

No guesswork, doubt or spending all day glued to CNBC.

Don’t wait... enroll today.

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At This Point, You’ve Got Two Options

OPTION #1: Keep doing what you’ve been doing only to feel more stuck,
frustrated and lost than ever.

Your first option? Keep doing what you’ve been doing. And sure, there’s never a ‘right’ or convenient time to take your financial freedom seriously.

Until you’re fired from the job you thought was loyal to you, struggling to make ends meet —and having your loved ones pay the price, right? 

Unfortunately, too many people wait until rock bottom to make a change. As Einstein once said: doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result…

Well, that’s the definition of insanity.

We’ve all been there but staying there is a choice.

Now you may be thinking:
“Chuck, I’m part of a free community of traders and have an accountability group.”

While that’s great, let’s be honest: 
What level of growth, results, accountability, and deep connection are part of those?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

You can either choose to learn from the best in the world, or become the average of the five people you’re hanging around.

Which leads us to your second option.

Option #2: Follow a proven, tested system designed to generate consistent, sustainable results and generate lasting wealth.

And then there’s a second option.

To make the change you’ve been waiting for with access to the most proven, effective, and easy-to-follow trading methodology trusted by thousands.

Best of all?

You don’t have to “try” to figure this out yourself and instead simply follow the plan as we course correct along the way to ensure:

  • You create a solid foundation for massive results
  • You eliminate all guesswork and follow a customized REEDS plan
  • You know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it

And most importantly: you experience the confidence, clarity and freedom that comes with not only having your wealth “under control” …

But creating a level of abundance you’ve only dreamed of.

With this abundance, you not only take care of your loved ones and have the freedom to live on your terms…but you have more resources to create that impact deep within your heart.

The question is:
Which will you choose?

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If You Don’t Love The First Slow REEDS Masterclass
— It’s On Us. 100% Risk-Free.

Every part of this program was designed to give you the results you’ve been dreaming of, which is why I stand behind an iron-clad guarantee. Watch the first session and if you’re not loving what you’re experiencing —I’ll make sure you get refunded every penny. No risk. No questions. No hassle.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers.

How do I know this is for me?
If you’re a trader who wants a systematic framework to clearly identify market trends and opportunities in a fraction of the time (and stress), this is for you. If you want individual coaching and are serious about enjoying a life of constant freedom.  

What level of experience do I need?
Our Masterclasses are full of individual guidance, which means you’ll benefit whether you’ve got a decade of trading experience or are getting started. Everything is based on your unique needs, goals and outcomes. 

How is this different from the Slow REEDS workshop?
Consider the workshop the first step to get you understanding the Slow REEDS methods. This Masterclass is completely focused on actionable strategies, integration and expert guidance.

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