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Market Wizards” is a flashy term that has a lot of truth in it. Look at the best investors over the past decades and they have SYSTEMATIZED the market. It isn’t crystal-ball fortune-telling. Play the market long enough and you see the same trends.

No matter what changes, the market is still played by human beings. 

No matter the decade, the same trends emerge – it’s simply a rigorous analysis of human impulses and decision-making. And being a market wizard is just having the experience to analyze with a foolproof method.

This all sounds good. But does it actually work?

Chuck and Mark joined their powers to help traders avoid major mistakes, and navigate the market trading world with more ease, expertise, higher returns, and fewer risks through their various products and online courses. They are invested in your growth and success as a trader so they put their hearts and souls into the work they do for you, saving you time and money in the process.

We are sharing our Market Wizard Wisdom in easy to follow workshops 

*Our workshops are prerequisites to our Masterclasses


  • Does the stock market control your mood?
  • Are your good and bad days defined by your trading success?
  • Do red tickers have the ability to ruin your day?
  • Have the last few weeks caused you to feel continual stress as the market sells off day after day after day?
  • Are you at the point where you want to turn off the news and not look at your account because you can’t bear to see further losses?
  • Do you wish you could find some way to get your investment portfolio back on track?
  • Would you love to be able to nail market timing of major tops and bottoms and corrective tops and bottoms with the trend regardless of whether the market was going up or down?
  • How about if that system could help improve any strategy you trade and highlight top reward/risk opportunities throughout every Bull and Bear market you will face so that instead of worrying about large drawdowns in the next Bear market, you will have the tools to profitably take advantage of both Bull and Bear Market environments?
  • And what if that system teaches you how to read consistent market internals, and know the position of the market on both an intermediate-term and short-term basis in a few minutes each day by looking at the top internal indicators at your fingertips, allowing you to consistently profit from ETF or futures trading in the major indexes, while at the same time turbo-charging your ability to find top reward/risk opportunities repeatedly for trading stocks long and short?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions - then one of our workshops is right for you!  
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Once you've taken one of our workshops,
you'll have the opportunity to join a masterclass

Our upcoming 
Masterclasses give you direct individual attention. They are the way to go for anyone who is serious about enjoying a life of constant freedom. You can trade from anywhere in the world.

You don’t have to worry about clients, customers, or your boss at work. It’s a custom-made process where you get several one-on-one sessions with Mark or myself to guarantee you have everything you need to be a successful trader. The tremendous amounts of individual attention will eliminate any worries you have about trading and make you confident about success.

But what if you want true 1-on-1 guidance to become a market wizard yourself?

Don’t have doubts. People with no knowledge have made heinously profitable trades within months of taking our courses. Personal courses give you knowledge straight from the source. It’s like learning how to shoot from Lebron James’s coach. You will be with a group of DEDICATED students who are going through exactly what you are doing. A group of successful individuals who are tired of missing out on the tremendous money being made in the stock market every single year.

You can do it even if you have never invested before.

It doesn’t matter if you have a job or business taking up your time. It’s the first quick step to making top-tier income every single day without worrying about superiors, clients, or customers.  

Get help to unlock the profitable life of unlimited freedom with our masterclasses!

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The most important aspect of successful trading is to think about risk in addition to reward. It’s a problem most investors are going to have to come to grips with, within the next couple of years. Right now, the average investor is focused on return and not even thinking about risk. But over the long term, the risk is more important than the type of return you’re trying to get. You can have a 50% return one year, but if you have a 30% decline the next year, you’re not going anywhere.

Most investors right now are using the buy-and-hold philosophy, thinking the market is going to go up forever. We are much more comfortable using some kind of timing model to help potentially take away the risk of negative periods in the market. By doing that, you can create long-term performance with the same sort of return as a buy-and-hold approach, but with much lower drawdowns-lower risk.

As far as we're concerned, that’s the way the typical stock market investor should be approaching the market. They need to be more cautious about avoiding negative periods. The bottom line is, using a timing model can help investors sidestep some of the negative market periods. Sometimes that means you’re not participating in an up move, but what you’re really looking for in investing is the best return you can get with the risk you can handle. 

We are sharing our Market Expert Services & Indicators

You’re missing out on valuable time you could be using to call more clients for your career, expanding your business ventures, spending time with your family, or just enjoying life.

That’s aside from the huge psychological stress you avoid every time one of your investments dips. That trading anxiety -- which by the way is an EXTREMELY natural part of trading and something that everyone needs to overcome -- also kills your profits by being the devil on your shoulder that makes you pull out of a fantastic investment.

Imagine not needing to double-check because you know your investments will increase in value.

That instantly eliminates any anxiety and frees up valuable time for you to spend on your other businesses or your career.

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