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The most important aspect of successful trading is to think about risk in addition to reward. It’s a problem most investors are going to have to come to grips with in the next couple of years. Right now, the average investor is focused on return and not even thinking about risk. But over the long term, risk is more important than the type of return you’re trying to get. You can have a 50 percent return one year, but if you have a 30 percent decline the next year, you’re not going anywhere.

Most investors right now are using the buy-and-hold philosophy, thinking the market is going to go up forever. We are much more comfortable using some kind of timing model to help potentially take away the risk of negative periods in the market. By doing that, you can create long-term performance with the same sort of return as a buy-and-hold approach, but with much lower drawdowns-lower risk.


As far as we're concerned, that’s the way the typical stock market investor should be approaching the market. They need to be more cautious about avoiding negative periods. The bottom line is, using a timing model can help investors sidestep some of the negative market periods. Sometimes that means you’re not participating in an up move, but what you’re really looking for in investing is the best return you can get with the risk you can handle.



Chuck Whitman

I have been involved in trading since I was 14 years old. I have been a successful options trader, spreader, trading educator, CEO, Macro trader, and Asset Manager.

I have a broad array of experience and skills that I have developed over the years. I’ve traded by myself, with others, with small amounts of money, and with very large amounts of money. Over the years I’ve traded every asset class and I trained traders to trade in many different styles. 

However, even with all the knowledge, I have accumulated over the years, I can say the market selection aspect has been the most challenging. I struggled to sort through a world of many opportunities to find the BEST opportunities. Mark Boucher played an instrumental role for me in solving this issue. 

Mark Boucher

My name is Mark Boucher. I have been a trader and fund manager for over 30 years. During that time I have been an active trader and investor in all asset classes including Equities, Fixed Income, FX, Commodities, Real Estate, corporate debt, and structured notes.

When I was nine years old my Dad passed away at a young age. I was given a trust of stocks to fund my college education. The trust was managed by a bank, but it began managing the money right as the Bear Market of the 70’s hit and my portfolio was cut by 80%. I learned at a young age the power of drawdowns when I was left without enough money to pay for my college education.  As a result, I started trading stocks when I was 16 years old to support myself through college.

We’ve been publishing our list of Top EPS/RS low PEG stocks each month since 1992 and the overall list has demonstrated consistent outperformance in good markets and bad.   And our list of Bottom EPS/RS high PEG stocks has shown consistent underperformance for potential short-hedging during this period too.  But in the last decade, I’ve discovered new ways to cull this list down to a handful of top performers within the list itself, as well as how to rotate to only those stocks among the top tier that also meet technical criteria that really pulls this together and boosts performance consistently.  


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