What if You Knew How to Time the Stock Market?

Almost everyone in the world has exposure to the United States stock market. 

Just think about it…. What could you do if you knew when the market was going up and going down?

You could:

  • Hedge or switch your exposure in your retirement accounts to dramatically reduce risk.
  • Create HUGE winning trades in Stock Indexes, especially on the short side!
  • Use market timing with momentum stock trading strategies and know when to be an aggressive buy/seller and when you want to be more cautious and look at hedging your trades. 

The problem with the stock market is that breaks in the market come so fast. Before you blink, your portfolio is taking on large losses.

Then you go into hope mode and wait to see if it comes back. But what if it doesn’t…

  • Would you love to be able to nail market timing of major tops and bottoms and corrective tops and bottoms with the trend regardless of whether the market was going up or down?
  • How about if that system could help improve any strategy you trade and highlight top reward/risk opportunities throughout every Bull and Bear market you will face so that instead of worrying about large drawdowns in the next Bear market, you will have the tools to profitably take advantage of both Bull and Bear Market environments?
  • And what if that system teaches you how to read consistent market internals, and know the position of the market on both an intermediate-term and short-term basis in a few minutes each day by looking at the top internal indicators at your fingertips, allowing you to consistently profit from ETF or futures trading in the major indexes, while at the same time turbo-charging your ability to find top reward/risk opportunities repeatedly for trading stocks long and short?

If yes, this course is for you!  

  • This market timing trading system is a rules-based trading system for use on ETFs, stock index futures and/or index options.  
  • It is simple enough to be learned by novices and can be executed by keeping up with key indicators in under ½ hour per day.  
  • It also can be rapidly adopted by experienced professionals, adding a defendable edge to their trading process and improving the assessment of reward/risk on any trade by highlighting the key best reward/risk opportunities when tops and bottoms occur, and when corrections against the main trend (up or down) are over so that asymmetric opportunities are revealed and can be maximized.
  • The system can help you generate larger gains regardless of your trading performance so far and on any strategy, you use that exploits trend following on any timeframe.



Upon completion of the course,
you will...

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Helping our students is extremely important to us, so we would love for you to take a moment and listen to what our students have to say about their educational journey with us. They've been through years of workshops, masterclasses, and services we offer. This educational journey is not one to take and do nothing with - it is intensive, but it is worth it. We suggest looking into who we are, and HUGE part of that is hearing from the students themselves:

“Your internal readings of the market and timing tools are the best I’ve ever seen after being a professional in the business for more than thirty years!”  
B Walicek, SuperTraderII graduate

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